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anaptyssein's Journal

& we will, abandoned places, admiring the beauty, ambition leaking, analyzing, arithmetic of emotions, astronomical beauty, being alone, being lost while driving, being on bridges, being on rooftops, belgian white beer, bicycles, biology, blankets of fog, books, bunnies, chemical reactions, chemistry, childlike behavior, city lights at night, city views, coffee, connections, corrosion, creation, crossword puzzles, desolate landscapes, eavesdropping at coffeeshops, economic/human feats, engineering, evolution, exploring, exponential functions, film noir, film photography, finding lost pieces, forest walking, fruition, imagery, imaginations, independence, intelligence, introverted confidence, juicy peaches, kite flying, kitsch, literal surrealism, logic!, long lasting friendships, looking ahead, lucia! cilantro, mathematics, metamorphosis, mitosis, my black pen, mystery, night butterflies, noir, observing everything possible, old clocks, original details, people succeeding, playing trivia, poetic words, poppies, purging creativity, rain, realizing a strategy, reflections, san francisco, sarcasm, satire, scrabblin' it up, self-made talents, self-respect, smoke ridden nights, solitude, stargazing, stubbornness, surreal moments, surrealism, symmetry, symphonies, through the looking glass, transportation systems, twinings earl grey, vintage typewriters, walks on rails, watching machinery, watching performers, watching trains, wit, yellow paper